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The best had a grey-blue glaze on a thin body, with wide crackle, followed by a greener glaze with a denser crackle, then finally "almost a pale grey brown" with a "very dark close crackle on a dark grey body" that was rather thicker; all are illustrated here, with the types indicated by 1–3 (which is not a standard terminology).

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The end date of Guan ware is uncertain, but it probably persisted until 1400 or later, as the Ge Gu Yao Lun, a fourteenth century Ming dynasty manual on ceramics by Cao Zhao, seems to treat it as being still produced.

Guan ware is not difficult to distinguish from the Ru ware which it perhaps tries to imitate, but wares from the second site can be very similar indeed to Longquan ware, and it has been suggested that some was made there.

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