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worked is that it was ensemble-powered—the various kids had personal and academic problems, and Mr. Hesseman portrayed Moore with understatement and subtlety, letting his younger co-stars take center stage.

However, the actor hated In 1989, he told a reporter that he thought the show didn't have much worth, and that he was "not doing the show that I was led to believe I'd do, and it's difficult for me to get off that." Unsurprisingly, Hesseman left the show in 1990.

8 Simple Rules was not renewed for a fourth season.

Actor/musician Steve Burns beat out roughly 1,000 other actors in 1996 for the only human role on Blue's Clues, Nickelodeon's interactive, animation/live action hybrid show for preschoolers.

In the season premiere, it was explained that Hartman's character, pompous radio newsreader Bill Mc Neal, died of a sudden heart attack.

Replacing him at the newsreader's desk was a new character, Max Louis.

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But in 2010, after nine seasons, he moved on, in part to develop the American version of his British talent series judges' table saw a lot of stars take a stab at it, including Steven Tyler, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Keith Urban, but actual singers just couldn't fill the void left by the music industry guy who criticizes singers.He wanted to take on other roles (before he could get typecast) as well as perform music (he's collaborated with the Flaming Lips, among other acts), and also, as he joked, "I knew I wasn't gonna be doing children's television all my life, mostly because I refused to lose my hair on a kid's TV show, and it was happening.Fast." Nickelodeon hired actor Donovan Patton to be the new host of Blue's Clues, a character named Joe.Between the show's fourth and fifth season, star Phil Hartman was shot by his wife as part of a horrific murder-suicide.Partly in order to complete enough episodes to sell the show into syndication, was picked up for another season anyway.

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