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This and other salacious stories are brought to life in a new book by Jon Blue.Blue is a judge in the Connecticut Superior Court system, and has uncovered more than 30 obscure and lurid cases from that era.In that severe puritan society, people were sort of de facto spies, always looking for signs that their neighbor might be misbehaving.“In sex cases,” Blue says, “they did not distinguish between forcible or consensual, or adult vs.

The first does a relatively quick lookup to see if there are any eligible promotions for this ASIN or for this customer.The safe passage provision of the Firearms Owners Protection Act states that it’s legal to travel through these states with firearms, provided they’re properly cased and unloaded. The only exception to this is NFA weapons (short barreled rifles, etc.) which requires you to file Form 5320.20 with the ATF.Certain states have ignored this though and the NRA currently has details on a H. Thanks to the generosity of our supporting members, we’ve eliminated annoying ads and obtrusive content.In 1662, a respected founder of New Haven Colony, William Potter, was caught when “his teen-aged son saw him buggering one of their sows and went to get his mother, who confirmed what father was doing.” It goes on, “He admitted to a lifelong fondness for this activity beginning in England at about age ten.” The law stipulated that any animal so violated should be killed in the presence of the accused.Thus Potter, “On the day of his execution, a cow, two heifers, three sheep, and two sows all died with him.” There were a lot of sex cases in that era.

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