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And in Part III, I’ll examine the sexually passive men who paradoxically and simultaneously experience the pain and pleasure of being dominated. Part II will address the lesser known Cuckoldress and Hot Wife.Some professional dominatrices are, however, also "lifestyle" dominatrices.That is, in addition to paid sessions with submissive clients they engage in unpaid recreational sessions or may incorporate power exchange within their own private lives and relationships.Kraft-Ebing easily extrapolated from this that men tended towards the aggressive and sadistic, and women towards the passive and masochistic.This stance is somewhat in tune with both Freud (1905/1953) and Deustch (1944) who believed that females were innately masochistic and passive.The dominatrix, cuckoldress, and hot wife are not listed in the (2013).

The dominatrix profession originated as a specialization within brothels, before evolving into its own unique craft.

The term dominatrix is sometimes used to describe a professional dominant (or "pro-domme") who is paid to engage in BDSM (i.e., bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism) with a submissive.

An appointment or role play is referred to as a "session," and is often conducted in a professional space which has been set up with specialist equipment, referred to as a "dungeon." In our advanced technological world sessions may now be conducted remotely by phone, email or online chat.

Nevertheless, I believe fewer dominatrices present for treatment in part, because as professionals they have comparatively less of an emotional investment in their relations as do the cuckoldress and hot wife.

Dominatrices may also have more control over their contractual agreements because they were formed with clients, not their intimate partners. A Shift in Power Kraft-Ebing (1886/1965) believed that it made evolutionary sense that a man be dominant and a woman, passive.

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