Is josh ramsay still dating amanda

For his knowledge in wizardry, he takes after his father Jerry, who originally won the Wizard Family Competition against Kelbo and Megan.

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However, both Alex and Justin use magic to turn into Max and reverse The Wish, to no avail.She is sly, rebellious, outgoing, and usually underachieves when it comes to school.She often gets into trouble because of her constant schemes (usually involving magic). Even though she is infamously known for doing the worst in wizard studies and school, and relentlessly torments her older brother Justin, Alex becomes much more mature throughout the series.Alex and Justin are embarrassed and annoyed by his lack of intelligence, but they do occasionally take advantage of it, for example: When they tried to lure in a Genie back to her lamp, Alex suggested that after the Genie outsmarted them, they might be able to out-dumb her, and immediately asked Max what he'd do to get her back to grant him a wish.The Genie eventually allows him a wish, to which he responded with describing his appearance, which prompted the Genie to unintentionally reveal that there is a reset-button.

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