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The Sing Harlem Choir, a group of performers from the award-winning program Gospel For Teens, showcases their gift of song through powerful and uplifting gospel music in the Heart of Harlem. — An intimate, powerful discussion with New York’s most recognizable women in radio and AARP as they discuss how they are embracing life while debunking myths and shattering stereotypes for women at any age.

Join the #Disrupt Aging conversation with radio personalities who are everyday disruptors at the top of their game across musical genres as they share their experiences, transformations, and insights.

Howard Zucker, and New York State Office for the Aging Deputy Director John Cochran to announce that New York is the first state in the nation to join the AARP-World Health Organization Age-Friendly Network.

Fellowship candidates must possess a college degree no later than June 2018.

OPDV will fund two grants, up to a total of ,000 with a maximum of ,500 annually per award.

Panelists Shaila (WBLS), Judy Torres (WKTU), Toya (103.9FM) and Helen Little (Lite FM), will be moderated by Cheryl Wills (NY1) … Cuomo to Fight for New Law; Now Launching Educational Campaign via Airwaves NEW YORK, N. – AARP is taking to the airwaves to make sure working New Yorkers know they can start taking advantage of the state’s new paid family leave law beginning January 1.

AARP New York is spreading the news via television, radio, social media and other media that private sector and some public sector employees can take up to eight weeks of partially paid, …

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