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If you are without an internet connection though, the first option will be greyed out, but then you can tick the second and continue your installation. At this point, you have to choose your installation type and the first screenshot is an automated process, even if you have an operating system already installed, the installer will auto-detect it and allow you partition the drive in the next screen with simple sliders that will auto-allocate your assigned space for the Ubuntu partition.Choose an option as needed and proceed – you may also decide to encrypt your disk or use (LVM) logical volume manager with your Ubuntu installation – but we advise that you select those ONLY if you know what you’re doing.And you are greeted with what may seem a familiar screen – depending on how much time you’ve had with Ubuntu and derivatives in the past.Well, you want to proceed by clicking the install Ubuntu button but if you’d rather give the system a spin first, then go ahead and select the first option (try Ubuntu).In my case, however, I’ve only got one HD to install Ubuntu in – dev/sda.

I've not done any comparison of Sophos's malware definitions compared to their competators, but based on the features provided, my first impression of Sophos Antivirus For Linux is that it's the best anti-malware for Linux I've tried to date.If you’d prefer to manually partition your disk though for Ubuntu 16.04 dual boot with Windows, go to the end of the article at section Ubuntu 16.04 Manual Partitioning and come back to #5 to continue with the installation. A good practice for any Linux user is to update the system once it’s done installing – hence, a brief how-to-update walkthrough.First off, go on to the Unity dash (which is the square button on the top left corner in the image above and below) and search for “software and updates”, open it and select the “other sources” tab, tick both options (mind you, you’ll be prompted to enter your root password) the software cache is updated and you’re good to go. The new gnome app store in Ubuntu is perhaps the most prominent feature of the OS and as of this writing, it doesn’t exactly seem to function as expected, however, considering the alpha status of the image I’m using, such things are expected and most issues and whatnot should be ironed out before the “stable” is ready for prime-time in April. Depending on the number of physical drives you have hooked up in your PC, they can be labelled as dev/sda, dev/sdb, dev/sdc and so on.This comes in handywhen doing re-installs.- Web-based graphical interface.- CLI installer- Supports several distros- Data collection by Sophos can be disabled- Comes as an all-inclusive download.- Commands are build around usage with a root account, rather than assuming the use of Sudo.Cons:- Does not specify what percentage of their definitions are for Linux malware.- No information is provided on the quality of the definitions.- No direct download link is provided. There are a couple PDFs with instructions on their site: https:// https:// Command-line usage is awkard, some commands just require the executable name while others require the entire path.- No graphical installer- Data collection by Sophos is enabled by default.

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