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"I use the blue light, get rid of the inflammation, put medication on and they're ready," she explains.

"Next day, the skin looks like it never had a breakout." On the eve of a recent Oscars, one TV star decided she was less than thrilled with her designer gown - or rather the way she looked in it.

"The results last for up to a year." The most crowded waiting room pre-Oscars is at the Beverly Hills clinic of celebrity skin specialist Sonya Dakar - where stars line up for her signature £1,000 facial.

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She says: "Celebrities come in about a month in advance for the procedure on the bottom of the feet.

"One designer rang ten days before the Oscars complaining that it was impossible to change the dress.

It was a really low-back dress and the star's waistline wasn't smooth enough. "I did the lipo and by Oscar night she looked great." Stylists regularly advise celebrities to grow their hair longer before the Oscars.

Actresses who've hit 40 but don't want to look it are turning to plastic surgeon Dr Richard Ellenbogen.

He uses the Volumetric Face Lift to make the face look young again by treating it like a deflated balloon.

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